Tips For Making A Powerful Introduction On Paper

Business cards are basically the paper introduction for your business – they provide important details about the representatives and the business itself. As such, what are some of the best tips to follow to create a powerful introduction? If you are intrigued, continue on reading below to find helpful advice in making business cards! 

  • Start with the basics – the very first tip you should be following when it comes to business card printing is that you should have a good awareness of the basic rules. As you would know, a business card is basically a small card that is meant to fit in a pocket or wallet – the space you are given to work with is quite small as a result. The truth is, however, that you won’t be able to avail yourself this entire space either – you need to factor in margins for the bleed, for example. The bleed varies, but it usually is around five millimetres (that detracts ten millimetres horizontally and vertically). Besides, since the card is small, you will naturally be inclined to use the smallest font possible to include your details, but make sure to stick to a minimum font that is legible. In addition, work on your card at 300dpi and in CMYK mode – these are the basics of any printing job, but make sure you do not forget them. 
  • Creativity is your call – if you would spend a few minutes to browse the many business cards online, you will find the sheer variety and creativity that goes into most of the cards. This is reasonable enough, because every business wishes to set itself apart from the millions of other business cards in the world. Accordingly, creativity should also be your priority. A good way to channel that creativity into something worthwhile is to not forget the purpose of your own business: whilst not letting this restrict you, make sure that your business card is capable of reflecting the image of the business. 
  • Special finishes – creativity does not always translate to bizarre designs and the like – subtlety also goes a long way towards making a profound impact. Special finishes are one such method that can be used both boldly and subtly, depending on how you choose to make use of it. From metallic inks, to spot-UV and foil-blocking, special finishes can easily give off a ‘high-quality’ vibe. And of course, the use of special finishes will add onto the price tag of an individual business card, but it might well be worth the extra expense. 
  • Paper is not the only option – and of course, do not forget that there is no reason why you should stick to papers, or even cards when it comes to business cards. In fact, there are many types of business cards that have lost all semblance of a business card, whilst yet serving its purpose. Like how a professional in the animal industry would make use of animal treats to engrave their business details onto them, you can also find unusual methods to bring your business card to life.